About Us

IPCI has been active in the research and development of bioglycol technology continuously since 1978.  Over this period, working in partnership with government and leading industry players and under the leadership of Terry Brix, IPCI has secured over 35 process related patents and a solid reputation as an industry pioneer and forerunner in sustainable bioglycol processing technology.

Our expertise includes: separations IP for pre-treatment of biomass-derived sugars, continuous hydrotreating processes and advanced polyol separations technology. These unique processes produce a high purity, high yield glycol/polyol using a variety of agricultural and biomass feedstock including low cost biodiesel glycerol. Our sugars to polyol technologies produce clean, sustainably sourced polyols at an equivalent quality and cost to those derived from petrochemicals.

IPCI sugars to polyol process technology has provided the foundation for pilot and commercial plants built and operated by industry leaders such as Archer Daniels Midland (USA), Transvaal Sugar (South Africa), Global Bio-chem Technology Company Limited (China) and S2G BioChemicals Inc. (Canada). This includes two commercial bioglycol production plants in Changchun, China owned and operated by Global Bio-chem Technology Company Limited with combined capacity of over 200,000 tons/year of bio-glycols – one of the largest biochemical production facilities in the world.