Quincy Chemical Research, Inc. (QCR) founded to develop clean chemical technology sourced from agricultural products.  QCR was an IPCI predecessor.


1977 – 1982
QCR fundamental research identified the potential for the production of glycols from any type of sugar via hydrotreating. Secured 5 patents and 2 process concept designs.  Subcontract work performed by Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories and Hydrocarbon Research Inc. of Camden NJ.


Reorganized QCR as International Polyol Chemicals, Inc. to exploit the sugar to polyol technology.


Stone & Webster retained to develop a design for commercial plants and   to compare the cost of bio-glycols with petrochemical glycols.  Archer Daniels Midland acquired a license to build/operate a 5,000 mtpy sugar alditol to glycol demonstration plant based on corn glucose/sorbitol.  The plant successfully demonstrated the scalability of the technology.  (Although low oil pricing caused ADM to put    commercial plans on hold for several years, in 2011, ADM   commissioned a 100,000 mtpy commercial glycerol to propylene glycol plant in    Decatur IL.)


Further developed proprietary co-catalyst and blast reactor technology and acquired Brix-Berg distillation separations patents.  Fluor Daniels retained to develop a design for a 100,000 mtpy plant based on cane sucrose.


1995 – 2005
In partnership with Icelandic engineering company Mannvik established   Icelandic Green Polyols (IGP) to further develop the technology,  IGP partnered with South African sugar company Transvaal Sugar (TSB) and with support from the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDCSA), built and operated a pilot plant in Komati SA.


Building on experience with IDCSA, licensed Global Bio-chem Technology Company Limited to construct a commercial plant in Changchun, China based on corn glucose.  A plant was started in China in 2005, based on IPCI’s process and was expanded in 2007-2008 to over 200,000 tonne/year capacity making it one of the world’s largest biochemical production facilities.


Partnered with Canadian companies Sacré-Davey Engineering (SDE) and HTEC Hydrogen (HTEC) to establish S2G BioChemicals Inc. to continue commercializing Sugar-to-Glycol. S2G is a private company based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  It has exclusive worldwide rights to IPCI’s sugar to polyol technology.


S2G BioChem, under license from IPCI, started up a demonstration pilot plant in Vancouver, British Columbia incorporating a novel pretreatment process and byproduct sugar capability.