President : Terry Brix, BSc, MSc, MBA,

Terry holds a BS Chemical Engineering (Montana State University1967); MS Chemical Engineering (University of Washington 1974) and an MBA (University of Washington, 1976).

Terry brings extensive experience in start-ups and technology development and commercialization. After working with Battelle Memorial Institute for 13 years, he started the first of his 18 technology based companies in 1980. He has served as President, Director, and Chairman of:

  • International Polyol Chemicals, Inc, (IPCI)
  • Brix-Berg (300 patents in the field of organic chemical separations. Brix-Berg accounts for about 35% of all the US patents in the field of extractive and azeotropic distillation).
  • Iochem (an Oklahoma company that is the leading producer of elemental iodine in the US),
  • Brine Electric (an Oklahoma company, engaged in developing brine as a low level geothermal source and value-added uses for iodine containing brines).

Terry also co-founded Cyanotech one of the first publicly traded microalgae companies (spirulina) in 1984.


Principal Scientist: Professor William T McKean, PhD

Dr. McKean serves as chief scientist for IPCI, leading process research and development in hydrotreating and separations. Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Science, he is an expert in paper and wood chemistry, pulping technologies and biomaterials.  His research focused on conversion of biomass to biofibers, biomass derived chemical products and bioenergy. The author of numerous publications and patents, Dr. McKean has worked and consulted for leading corporations such as Battelle, Weyerhaeuser, DuPont and Boeing.  He is a co-founder of straw-pulping technology company Phoenix Pulp.


Lead Researcher: W. Lloyd Allen, PhD

Dr. Allen received his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from Oregon State University.  He is a seasoned industrial chemist with career-long experience in product and process R&D with The Dow Chemical Company, and a number of smaller chemical operations.  He specializes in industrial separation processes and in transitioning laboratory chemistry into successful pilot plant operations.  His separation specialties include distillation, centrifugation, ion exchange, liquid/liquid extraction, solid phase adsorption and filtration.  Dr. Allen is a 52-year Emeritus member of the American Chemical Society.