In 2009, IPCI partnered with Sacré-Davey Engineering (SDE) and HTEC Hydrogen (HTEC) in establishing S2G BioChemicals (S2G) to continue commercializing Sugar-to-Glycol.  S2G is a private company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  It has exclusive worldwide rights to Sugar-to-Glycol technology.

Working closely with IPCI’s process experts and backed by SDE’s engineering expertise and the hydrogen technology of HTEC, S2G has assembled a dedicated team of scientists, engineers and management.

S2G has further invested in the technology, working with IPCI to develop novel pretreatment and byproduct sugar capability, improving the process and designing efficient small-scale production plants.

In 2012, S2G started a pilot plant in Vancouver, Canada to demonstrate its advanced technology.