Glycols are a building block chemical used widely in consumer and commercial product manufacturing. Traditionally, they have been produced using petrochemicals. As a result of extensive research and development, IPCI has developed technologies to produce glycols from sustainable biomass feedstock instead of oil. These processes employ a proprietary technology developed over 15 years with more than 16 process related patents.

This drop-in replacement technology produces glycols that are chemically identical to petrochemicals but the production and inherent composition result in substantially reduced GHG emissions at the same or lower cost. It is also highly significant that IPCI’s technologies have always subscribed to the recently established 12 Principles of Green Chemistry espoused by the American Chemical Society.

All technologies, which use less hazardous, clean reagents, are based on renewable and sustainable feedstocks. The designs improve energy efficiency and use long lasting and safe catalysts. Each of the multiple products has markets, can be recycled into the process itself, and is environmentally degradable. The minimal production waste is either recycled back into the process or readily treated by established methods.